Første fagseminar i INNOFF


We would like to invite you to the following INNOFF seminar hosted
online by UiS on the 10th November 2021 from kl 11 to 12.


Sarah Hean Professor of Social Work UIS and Heli Kaatrakoski. Marie Curie Fellow

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Meeting ID: 698 8199 3339
Password: 418943

This seminar will open up discussion of ways to stimulate bottom up
innovation in public sector services and the role and methods available
to researchers in this endeavour.

Researchers have been traditionally seen as objective bystanders,
observing and describing current practices in the public sector and the
innovation that happens there. This activity is useful in building the
academic and disciplinary understanding of these systems. This knowledge
may in turn assist professionals in practice articulate and reflect on
their work activity, potentially disrupting and challenging current
assumptions of how things do or should work in these environments.

However, researchers have a greater responsibility to practice than
this. They have a role as facilitators of innovation, innovation
designed and driven forward by the professionals, services and clients

In this seminar we present and critically evaluate methods available to
researchers to take more proactive responsibility. We ground our
discussion in our work in the field of the work activity in academic
libraries as well as work within the criminal justice field, and
particularly methods related to change laboratory and development work